26th International Workshop on Design, Optimization, Languages and Analytical Processing of Big Data

Co-located with EDBT/ICDT 2024, Paestum, Italy - March 25, 2024


Times are in CET - Central European Time (UTC+1h). Presenting authors are shown in green.

9:00-10:30 Opening, Keynote, Best paper

  • DOLAP 2024 Opening - Enrico Gallinucci, Matteo Lissandrini
  • Keynote - Tova Milo. Data, more data, too much data
  • Best paper - Kristo Raun, Riccardo Tommasini, Ahmed Awad. Adaptive Handling of Out-of-order Streams in Conformance Checking

10:30-11:00 Coffee break

11:00-11:55 Research session I - Data Warehousing and Query Optimization

  • Tomas Felipe LLano-Rios, Mohamed Khalefa, Antonio Badia. A JSON Document Algebra for Query Optimization
  • Camila Sanz, Adriana Marotta. Context Based Completeness Assessment for Data Warehouse Hierarchies (short paper)
  • Yuto Ikeda, Chuan Xiao, Makoto Onizuka. An Efficient Diversity-Aware Method for the Empty-Answer Problem (short paper)

11:55-13:00 Research session II - Data Lakes and Data Platforms

  • Aniol Bisquert, Achraf Hmimou, Josep L Berral, Alberto Gutierrez-Torre, Oscar Romero. HealthMesh: An Architectural Framework for Federated Healthcare Data Management
  • Matteo Francia, Matteo Golfarelli, Manuele Pasini. Towards a Process-Driven Design of Data Platforms
  • Marc Maynou, Sergi Nadal. Discovery of Semantic Non-Syntactic Joins (short paper)

13:00-14:30 Lunch

14:30-16:00 Research session III - Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

  • Adam Charane, Matteo Ceccarello, Johann Gamper. Shapelets Evaluation using Silhouettes for Time Series Classification
  • Uchechukwu F Njoku, Alberto Abello, Besim Bilalli, Gianluca Bontempi. A Data-Science Pipeline to Enable the Interpretability of Many-Objective Feature Selection (short paper)
  • Md Mahade Hasan, Soha Pervez, Maria Stratigi, Kostas Stefanidis. SQUIRREL 2.0: Fairness & Explanations for Sequential Group Recommendations (short paper)
  • Ricky Sun, Yuri Simione, Jason Zhang, Victor Wang. Graph XAI: Graph-agumented AI with Accuracy, Depth, Explainability, and Velocity

16:00-16:30 Coffee break

16:30-18:00 Invited talk, Panel

  • Tatsawan Timakum, Soobin Lee, Haotian Hu, Il-Yeol Song, Min Song. DOLAP: A 25 Year Journey Through Research Trends and Performance (invited paper)
  • Interactive Panel Session - Artificial Intelligence in Data Analytics
    • Besim Bilalli, Petar Jovanovic, Sergi Nadal, Anna Queralt, Oscar Romero. There is no Data Science without Data Governance: a Proposal Based on Knowledge Graphs
    • Robert Wrembel. Optimizing Data Integration Processes with the Support of Machine learning - Is it really possible?
    • Georgia Koutrika. AI and Human in Data Analytics: Who leads this Dance?

18:00-19:00 Steering Committee meeting